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E-Safety Updates

E-Safety advice and updates for parents.

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  • 11/02/19

    Family Internet Use Plan

    On Wednesday 6th February 2019 Mike Clark from C:The Box delivered a session about pupil Internet use at West Park Academy.  He talked about how children use the Internet and the potential risks they face. 
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  • 09/12/18

    E-Safety parent session cancelled

    Sadly, due to low numbers the E-Safety parent event scheduled for Monday 10th December will be postponed.
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  • 03/12/18


    Across Darlington it has been noticed that Twitch is becoming increasingly popular with primary aged children.  Twitch has a minimum age limit of 13+ and there are concerns over the content users may broadcast.  There is some general information about Twitch below and at the bott...
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  • 06/09/18

    New Term, New Devices?

    Net Aware have created a handy website full of tips, tricks and advice regarding setting up parental controls on new devices.
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  • 30/06/18

    Social Media Parental Advice

    The UKCCIS (UK Council for Child Internet Safety) have produced some guidance for parents about children's social media use.
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  • 24/04/18


    We have noticed a number of children talking about and imitating some of the moves from the incredibly popular game Fortnite.  We would like to share a web page which gives you an excellent parents guide to the game, which is rated as a PEGI 12.
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  • 20/03/18

    Random Chat Apps

    We have heard of an increasing number of children using random chat websites and apps.
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  • 18/03/18

    Set Up Safe

    Internet Matters have produced an excellent website which shows you how to enable parental controls on your devices.
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  • 27/02/18

    Gaming Advice

    We would like to share with you a resource aimed at helping parents to understand the games children play.
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  • 05/02/18

    Safer Internet Day 2018

    Safer Internet Day 2018 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February with the slogan ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect: a better internet starts with you.’
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  • 31/01/18


    There are an increasing number of warnings of misuse in the popular app Roblox.
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  • 10/01/18

    Sarahah - Messaging App

    We have been informed there are an increasing number of reports of children in Darlington being bullied online through the use of the anonymous messaging app 'Sarahah'.
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