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Eco School

Our Eco Warriors are: Finlay Thomas, Georgina Welsh, Evie Raper, Ella Ketteringham, Olivia McGuire, Thomas Wade, Dan McGuire, Tyler Sanderson, Phoebe Storey, Sophie Storey. They meet on the first Monday of every month after school to discuss eco issues and ideas.  

Already this year, we have discussed issues that affect our school and have prepared and delivered our own assemblies to the rest of the school to help them be eco-friendly in and out of school. This included the importance of placing litter into the bins provided and saving energy. We have even set up our own system to help children and adults to be eco-friendly. If someone is spotted making a good eco choice the team will award them with a yellow or green smiley sticker however if a poor choice is noted, such as dropping litter they will be given a red sticker with a sad face! Luckily we haven’t had to give many of these out.

Recently, we have noticed a wide range of birds that have been attracted to our bird feeders that we made towards the end of the last year. We have spotted blackbirds, sparrows, blue tits, robins and even a greenfinch. Some of us have also taken part in the Big Birdwatch 2018 at home and are beginning to recognise a wider range of birds in our gardens.

We are keen to begin caring for our new school wildflower meadow in the spring and are looking forward to noticing the first signs of fresh shoots appearing. We are certainly going to be ready to look after the area and ensure that it receives enough water and care. As a team we are keen to grow flowers and vegetables and some of us have recently written our own letters, which we have sent to local garden centres, to request some contributions toward planters to enhance our school grounds.

The team empty paper recycling bins and ensure that children and teachers are switching off lights and electrics when they are not in use. We will be unveiling our new Eco notice board this half term, which has now been moved into the hall so that pupils and staff can access it more easily and keep up-to-date with recent issues as well as being able to leave any suggestions for the group to consider.

Since committing to our Eco schools programme, West Park Academy has been awarded its Bronze award in 2006, its Silver award in 2008, its first Green Flag Award in February 2015 and more recently its 2nd Green flag in January 2017! This is part of the Eco Schools International award programme.

Keep coming back for regular updates as our team of Eco Warriors will be meeting again soon and will be updating you about their new campaign.