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WE Visit

On 20th April West Park Academy were lucky enough to be visited by a speaker from WE schools, who are an organisation that support global environmental projects. The visitor’s speech focussed on the life changing effect of helping others, not just for the person receiving the help, but for the person giving it. We recognised how it is not only money and material objects that make us happy but that the feeling of doing well can actually outweigh monetary benefits. Following the assembly our visitor led a workshop for the Eco Warriors and some of the School Council, which helped us to recognise what they are passionate about and to help them kick-start their new campaign!

The children took part in some fun teambuilding activities before recognising that their aim was to improve sustainability and help people to recognise what they can do to help. They looked at high impact changes and low impact changes and were surprised to find that a change in diet can also help protect the planet. The children did some fantastic planning and produced an informative presentation and posters of which they will present to the whole school very shortly. The team also came up with a pledge to be signed by other pupils and parents, which again will inspire people to complete small changes which will make big differences!

Following his visit, our visitor contacted us to say that he had a great time and spoke very fondly of our students. He commented on how engaged the Eco Warriors group and School Council are and he was overwhelmed to see how keen they were to take action towards mitigating global warming.