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E-Safety Parent Sessions

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Thank you for expressing an interest in the parent E-Safety sessions at West Park Academy. The information you provide here will help shape the sessions so we can decide what to cover. If you have any other suggestions or requests please leave them in the comments at the end of the form.

Which year group is your child in? Please select all that apply.*

Which area of E-Safety would you be interested in finding more about?

Gaming - Including the misuse, age restrictions and content of certain games.

Social Media - The what's what of Social Media apps, safe management, restrictions and guidance.

Cyberbullying - What is it? What can you do about it? Is there anything we shouldn't do?

Device Setup - What restrictions can you use? Is there a way we can monitor and support our children?

Impact of Mainstream Media - What messages is my child getting from TV, music, magazines? What can we do to challenge or support these views?

Please identify which area of E-Safety you would be interested in. You can select more than one.*

Time & Date

What would be the best time to run the sessions? Due to the nature of the content children will not be able to attend these sessions.*
Which day/s would be best for you?*

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