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Swimming Gala

On Monday children from West Park Academy attended the heats for the Swimming Gala.  Although they did not qualify for the finals, the children from West Park should be incredibly proud of themselves. 

We have received feedback from a parent from school and also a parent from another school who both took the time to contact us to say how our children encouraged and supported others.  Please see the messages below.

"So so proud of WPA today may not have been their day for winning trophy’s but demonstrated that taking part and team spirit is what it’s all about.  WPA were the loudest and most supportive team there and could be heard cheering not only their own team but on all of inclusive races and for the team that struggled through out competition. Well done team WPA awesome attitude today be proud of yourselves ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌"


"As a parent of a child from another school, who attended the Darlington School Swimming Gala at the Dolphin Centre yesterday, I just need to inform you of what a fantastic team spirit your school has.  Not only did every pupil and staff member cheer on every member of their own team, regardless of whether they were in first place or not, but they then supported the team that was yet to finish. It really was fantastic and refreshing to see.  It wasn't just the staff encouraging the children to join in either, on one occasion, a boy had finished his race (at the shallow end of the pool), he stood and applauded the boy in the lane next to him, encouraging him to finish, no teacher or fellow pupils were there to push him along to do that. A few people sat near me were almost reduced to tears, it was so lovely.  You must be so proud of your staff members and pupils."