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Rainbow Mosaic

We would like to create a photo mosaic in the form a rainbow so we can remember this lockdown in a more positive light in years to come.  We would like as many children to share a photo of themselves including as much of a particular colour as possible.   You don’t have to join in but the more pictures we get the better the image will look!

Reception & Nursery – Pink

Year 1 – Purple

Year 2 – Blue

Year 3 – Green

Year 4 – Yellow

Year 5 – Orange

Year 6 - Red

You could dress in that colour, draw a picture, create a collage or find something that colour to stand against.  You could even do all of that, just try to get as much of your colour into the photo as possible!   It really can be anything you like! 

The only main rule is to have the picture taken in landscape mode like this image below.

Please don’t go out and buy anything especially, just use what you have and get as close to your colour as possible, slight variations are fine!


If you would like to take part send images to Mr Fraser ( by Tuesday 14th July.


*Please note this image will be shared on our social media channels so if you don’t want you child to appear you can send a photo of artwork they have done instead.