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Questions Answered

We understand a lot of you have queries for arrangements in September.  We have tried to answer as many of your questions and you can find the answers here.

Question and answers

What will the school do to reduce the chance of the infection spreading?

We are doing everything we can to reduce the risk of spreading infection. We have strict risk assessments in place for different situations. We are following all government advice, which includes: creating year group ‘bubbles’ of children to limit contact and mixing. We have given designated spaces for each ‘bubble’, will carry out regular cleaning of surfaces during the day, children from Year 2 upwards will have their own resources and will not share. Where shared resources are required, we will be cleaning them or rotating them (leaving for a period of 24 hours) before and after use. We have separated desks to enable children to distance in class as much as possible and children will sit two to a desk, facing forward. Younger children will have designated carpet spaces for direct teaching and will be supervised when in the areas. As much teaching as possible will be taken outside as infection rates are lessened outside.  Hand and respiratory hygiene guidance will be strictly followed and we will be adhering to the latest DFE guidance. We will be cleaning surfaces both throughout the day and a deeper clean each evening. Children will now be allowed to bring bags into school containing a water bottle, a snack, waterproof coat, hat and sun cream if appropriate and their reading book. They should not be bringing any personal items such as toys in from home. Pupils in Y5 and 6 may bring in a mobile phone but this deposited in the teacher’s desk till the end of the day.

How are you going to ensure social distancing will happen?

We know that, unlike older children and adults, early years and primary children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff. This is not achievable. Instead we are aiming to reduce contact between groups of children and staff. We are taking steps to achieve that by ensuring children and staff, where possible, mix only in their class of 30 whilst inside and only within their year groups once outside. The importance of good hand and respiratory hygiene will remain the key message and there will be strict adherence to this.

What will lunchtimes look like for my child?

We will be providing hot lunches for all children but only EYFS and KS1 will access the hall. The older children will be served in their classroom. The reason for this is that we cannot ensure year groups don’t mix if we all use the hall at lunchtime. Once the children have eaten their lunch, they will be taken onto the playground for their playtime. All eating spaces will be sanitised before and after food consumption. To allow for lunches to take place safely, some of our children will be eating later than usual. Therefore, it is very important that children bring a snack (fruit, cereal bar, cheese) from home.

What will the Nursery and Reception setting look like?

For Nursery, Reception and Year 1, we are aiming for a return to an exploratory curriculum, where areas are set up and resourced to support children learn and develop. Resources for activities such as painting, sticking, cutting, small world play, indoor and outdoor construction activities will be washed before and after use. Children will be taught to wash their hands on entry and before and after lunchtime as well as after using wheeled bikes, trikes and other large, movable toys. Sharing stories, singing and playing outdoor games will help all children to socialise and resettle into familiar everyday classroom routines.

Will Wrap around care still be available?

School breakfast club and after school clubs will not be available as we can’t ensure that our measures not to mix can be adhered to. Wraparound, provided by West Park Day Nursery, will be operating and should be contacted directly.

Will my child or staff be expected to wear a face covering?

No. Children are not able to wear face coverings. It is not practical, they will struggle to fit them independently and will be uncomfortable for them. If they put them down on a surface this will not be adhering to the strict respiratory hygiene guidance. Staff will not be wearing a face covering as it may be intimidating to children and inhibit teaching. 

What time will my child start/end school?

Year Group

Start time:

End time:

Entrance / exit


(am and pm groups)

Information will be in your letter.

Nursery door




Reception doors accessed via the yard

Year 1 and 2


Individual signposted class doors accessed via the yard/ Yard

Year 3 and 4


Hall doors / Yard

Year 5 and 6


Own classroom doors, via the side gates to the field.

Rainbow room



Main entrance

What if I have children in different year groups and they have different end times?

We have opted for a flexible start time rather than staggered as we recognise how difficult it is for parents with a number of children in school. However we can’t do this at the end of the day. We have done all we can to limit the amount of time that exists between our youngest children finishing and our oldest. For this to be successful we need to limit the number of people picking up to one adult only and parents are advised that they must do all possible to socially distance. We suggest that parents wait on the yard, towards the rear, if they are collecting children from Year 3 and 4 and at a prearranged space off the school grounds for Year 5 and 6.

Will the children/staff have their temperatures taken before they enter school?

We will not be administering daily temperature checks. Completing checks on such large numbers of children and staff presents difficulties with hygiene as well as being potentially intimidating for younger children. If a staff member or a child feels at all unwell they should not attend school. If the symptoms are Covid-like then they should notify the school, get tested and notify the school of the result. 

Will I be penalised if I choose not to send my child to school?

The Department of Education has stated that attendance from September is compulsory and families who do not send their children back to school will be penalised.

What will my child need to wear when they return to school?

All children to wear a uniform unless they have PE that day, in which case they may come to school in their PE kit. We are requesting that all children have a pair of wellies or old shoes in school as we will be accessing the outdoors as much as possible for break time and lunchtimes, whatever the weather, and this includes the school field and wildlife areas.

Where will my child go at the start/end of the school day?

This will be detailed with you before your child starts and will be shown on the website and Facebook. Each year group will have a different drop off point that will be clearly signposted for you. Children will be welcomed into school, if not by their teacher then by an adult that they are familiar with.