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Darlington’s 2020-21 Childcare Sufficiency Survey

Darlington Borough Council has a statutory duty to ‘secure sufficient childcare for families across the borough.  Part of their duty involves an annual survey where the views of schools, parents and other professionals are taken into consideration.  Please share you views using their survey link below. 

It is important that families can access good quality, affordable and accessible childcare in the borough should they wish to use it.   Part of the local authority’s duty involves conducting an annual assessment (Childcare Sufficiency Assessment) of the local early years education and childcare market.  As you can imagine, the pandemic has created great uncertainties for families linked to security of employment and changes in employment patterns and family routines.  We would therefore like to give as many parents/carers as possible the opportunity to comment on the local childcare market and their requirements from this market.  With this in mind, please could you ensure that your parents/carers are made aware of the link below where they can find the latest parental childcare survey:

The survey will be open from the 10th September to the 16th October 2020.  The CSA will be available to view on-line from mid-January 2021.