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Letter to Parents February Half Term

Dear Parents and Carers,

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all that you are doing to support your children in this very difficult time. The engagement in learning from our pupils is fantastic and that could not happen without your tireless work - you are doing a great job.

As a parent of older children who are now “studying” at home, I know that there are days when I feel like I am just about getting through and I have no idea when I come home at night as to what they have done or what they have achieved. You worry about the impact of all this on our children but we are all in the same boat, we all sometimes feel helpless in the face of this pandemic, and we all worry.

However, we know that the end is in sight and that the situation we are currently in will not last forever. Soon we will see children return to school and the first steps to normality. As we are advised of the plans of the Government for wider school opening and other intentions for schools that they have mentioned in briefings, please be assured I will keep you updated.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at West Park who have been absolutely amazing. They too have worked tirelessly both in school and outside of the school day to ensure that online learning is as engaging and as motivating as possible, children attending school are well supported and are currently planning a return to school curriculum that motivates and address key aspects of learning.

Next week it is half term and we will not be uploading any lessons but will ensure that there are enjoyable, creative activities that children may want to get involved with.

Finally, although we do not see all of you each morning on the gate, please know that we are there for you. If you need support, a virtual chat or to celebrate the small wins please just get in touch.

Take care,

Mrs Hirst