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Open Water Safety Group

A Request from The Darlington Open Water Safety Group: As both warmer weather and the easing of some lockdown restrictions approach, we understand that many families and young people in Darlington will be thinking of heading to our parks and other outdoor attractions, particularly at weekends and during the school holidays.  In many areas the open water is one of the main reasons to visit (Broken Scar picnic area, South Park lake, etc.) and we don’t want to stop that, but we do want to ensure that people act responsibly in and around that water.

Many ‘water safety’ presentations and activities have been curtailed due to Covid 19 restrictions, but it is vital that we still get those safety messages to parents, carers and young people. 

Please share this water safety information with your children and don’t let them go near open water without adult supervision.

Download ‘what3words’ onto your mobile – this will give you an exact location to pass to the 999 services if you need to summon help for someone.”