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Government Guidance

Government Guidance for suspected symptoms and getting tested:

If a child develops a continuous cough, looks like they may have a temperature (flushed face, says they feel hot and cold), has a change to their normal sense of taste or smell, we will:

  • Call parent/guardian to collect immediately
  • Recommend a test (PCR not Lateral Flow)

If your child has been sent home with a symptom we advise getting a test or seeking medical advice. The test must be a PCR test NOT a Lateral Flow test. Lateral Flow tests are for those that do not have symptoms, if we have called and asked you to collect your child you must get a PCR test as they are suspected of having symptoms.

If your child is sent home with a symptom and advised to get a PCR test then siblings must also be collected as the household must isolate until the test result is returned.

A PCR test can be booked by going to and scrolling down to Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support and clicking on ‘get a PCR Test’. You will be able to make an appointment to go to the drive through testing centre. If you are unable to drive please contact the school office.

If your child has not come in to school because they have one of the above symptoms you must get a PCR test, please do not use a home Lateral Flow test, or alternatively seek medical advice.

If your child tests positive you must inform the school immediately and the whole household must isolate for 10 days.

If your child’s test is negative please forward the text (screenshot) or email to:

Symptoms = PCR

No symptoms = Lateral Flow