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To encourage you all to think like scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians, we would love to see some selfies of you doing something linked with science, technology, engineering or maths at home.

It could be anything at all: a visit somewhere sciencey, meeting someone who works in any of these areas, carrying out some research, experimenting and investigating an idea, carrying out a mini beast hunt, planting seeds, making slime, cooking, building or designing, collecting data and presenting it, reading a story linked with STEM…the ideas are endless... just use your imagination!         

All you have to do is take a photo and then, in one sentence, explain what STEM it is you’re learning…    Entries will be displayed in school, on our website and Facebook page.

To enter either send printed photos in, email it to a class teacher or add it to our Facebook post by Friday 16th June.

This whole school challenge, which aims to show that STEM is all around us and is a part of everybody’s lives, is one of the fun activities we’ve planned for this year’s STEM Week.