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West Park Academy & Lingfield Education Trust Letter

Dear Families
We are writing to you as joint Trust Leaders to share with you the exciting potential opportunity for both West Park Academy and Lingfield Education Trust.
Over the past two terms we have explored the possibility of working much more closely together, with the consideration that West Park Academy would join with Lingfield Education Trust in the future to the mutual benefit of both Trusts.
Throughout this time, we have held many meetings and conversations with our Trustees and with the Department for Education. The work to date has been very successful and the wish is to now take this opportunity one step further and conduct consultation with you our families.
We want to stress to you that this is very much a journey that we want you all to feel engaged and part of. We feel there are so many positives to joining together and some of these include:
• Sharing educational excellence
• Developing the whole team and the support it can provide to our schools
• Greater community and public profile
• Local and wider community benefits
• Futureproofing and resilience for the school
What is most important, is that we feel there is so much strength in the vision and values that both Trust’s share.

From Monday 15th January 2024, we will open a two-week consultation with you. During this time there will be a ‘face to face’ event at West Park Academy and an opportunity for you to send your views to us. The information for this is below.
Family face to face event at West Park Academy: Wednesday 24th January 2024 at 5:00pm
Please send any views, comments or questions to:
We are genuinely excited about the prospect of this merge, and very much look forward to hearing your views and comments.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Yours sincerely
Mrs S Hirst                                  Mr N Blackburn
Principal                                      CEO
West Park Academy                  Lingfield Education Trust