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Easter Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Carers

Today is the last day of our Spring Term. We will return to school on Monday 15th April 2024 for the start of the Summer Term and hopefully some beautiful weather.

This term has been very busy with so much learning, visits and visitors. Through it we have been so proud of all the successes of our children. Whether it is in the classroom through their hard work and effort or when they have represented the school in sport, dancing, singing, engineering etc; everywhere they have gone they have shown such a positive attitude.

A big thank you also goes out to all our adult volunteers, who have supported the school in so many different ways. Whether it is through organising fund raising activities, hearing readers or accompanying on trips and activities, their help and support enhances our provision and it feels very much like a community.

Finally, I would personally like to thank all the staff for all that they do both within and outside of the school day. Without their care and effort, we would not be able to run the before and after school clubs that we do, or deliver the learning and curriculum that we enjoy.

As you know this term OFSTED visited and we were all so grateful for the support we received. The kind words and level of support shown was so very much appreciated. The report will be available to view in the Summer Term and will be shared on our website.

I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter with your families and loved ones and look forward to seeing you again after the break.

Kind regards

Mrs Hirst