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DISP E-Safety Christmas Campaign

The Darlington Internet Safety Partnership Christmas Campaign 2020

Yes It’s that time of year again Christmas! Which for many children and young people will mean new video games and game consoles for Christmas.

Gaming is booming this year thanks to Covid lockdowns and with both PlayStation and Xbox releasing new consoles and we expect many excited children will be looking forward to playing with their new consoles and games on Christmas day.  Along with all that fun and excitement however can come a few risks which is why we think it’s a good idea that parents and carers set up the console’s before gifting them with a child’s account and parental controls.

With that in mind DISP have put together some handy links for families on setting parental controls and creating a child’s account on a new console.


  • Link to information on how to set up child account and parental controls on all Xbox consoles –

  • Link for the new Xbox app which lets you control your child’s Xbox via your own mobile phone. You can set time limits and set age restrictions –  

  • Link to information on how to set parental controls on PlayStation consoles –  

  • Follow the link and download the Nintendo Switch parental control app and set time limits and age restrictions via your own mobile phone-


Internet Matters is a fantastic site for parental controls on all things tech related, from game’s consoles to mobile phones and tablets with easy to follow step by step picture guides


Or visit DISP's own  website that contains all of the above links and more Internet safety related information for professionals, families and young people.

You can also contact them using the email address below.