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West Park Academy will ensure that parents/carers are regularly informed about progress. We set aspirational targets for each pupil and we track expected progress closely. We liaise closely with parents to ensure parents are aware if their child is not achieving their potential, and plan appropriate intervention to get the child back on track.

The policy also ensures that staff are allowed to develop and implement specific and appropriate assessments particular to their teaching and learning areas.


Marking is closely linked to assessment. We aim to provide a system of marking that is consistent and continuous across each stage within our school. Marking will be active and inform children of the next steps, be diagnostic, and enhance children’s learning. Children will be encouraged to read through their work before presenting it to be marked, as a strategy to develop self-evaluation against the shared learning objectives. They will be given time to read through the Teacher’s feedback and will be expected to respond. Please see our Marking Policy below for more information.