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Reading is a key life skill and opens up a world of possibility; increases vocabulary; and develops knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live. In order for this to happen, we have to work in partnership, school and parents together. Children have to practise the skills they learn in school, word building, reading for meaning etc regularly, outside of the school day and, where appropriate, with an adult.

We are therefore placing reading at the heart of all homework, with the expectation that all children will read each night, either to an adult or independently and this will be signed for in the child’s home contact book.

Other homework will focus on the rehearsal and consolidation of skills acquired when needed, and children developing their learning beyond the classroom, through following their own interests and independent research. For older children we also aim for them to develop their organisation and independence as part of the transition to secondary school.

We have revised our policy this term in light of research on the impact of homework on primary age children and to reflect our aim to ensure that all children are able to read fluently, with confidence and good understanding.