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Maths iNTENT

At West Park Academy, we have high expectations and believe all children can achieve. This has led to us teaching maths through the Mastery approach which is defined by the five key principles of fluency, variation, representation and structure, coherence and mathematical thinking. Due to our belief that all children can achieve, the majority of children will move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace and are given the same starting point in objectives.

Our maths units are embedded with the three main aims of the curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. These are not seen as separate strands but are incorporated throughout lessons all the time. To fully master a subject, we also believe children should be able to explain their thinking and reasoning and confidently teach others. They should be able to investigate mathematics independently, in pairs and in groups. The use of language is therefore a major feature of all maths lessons as it develops children’s reasoning and explanation. At West Park Academy, we also believe that maths skills should be used throughout the curriculum so children can become confident mathematicians and see its purpose and importance in real life situations and the world around us.

Please look at the documents below for more information.