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Our People

At West Park Academy our focus is on developing a robust learning community. In this we support staff in their professional development.

  • We have received the Quality Mark for our Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) provision, where new professionals are well supported in their induction year through attendance on the Local Authority induction programme and tailored professional development opportunities
  • Teachers are encouraged to undertake action research as part of their performance management
  • Professionals are supported to continue their learning through participation on Middle Leaders and Masters Courses

Senior Leadership Team

 Mrs S Hirst - Principal and Accounting Officer, Strategic Leader of the Academy, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mrs J Ford - Deputy Principal, Deputy DSL
Mrs J Gibson - Assistant Principal 
Miss S Savage - Assistant Principal 
Mrs A Nelson - Inclusion Lead SENDCO (Maternity Leave)
Mrs J Dixon - Acting Inclusion Lead SENDCO
Mrs E Campbell - Finance Manager




Nursery - Mrs H Woodcock
Reception - Mrs V Harrison, Mrs H Fenwick
Maternity Leave - Mrs L Atkins
Schools Direct Teacher - Miss J Kelly

Higher Level Teaching Assistant:

Mrs L Clark

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs L Ash, Mrs L Hall, Mrs A Holder, Miss C O'Neill (Apprentice), Mrs J Storey, Mrs L Scaife

Year 1 and year 2 Team


Year 1 - Mr Fraser, Mrs L Tinkler
Year 2 - Miss I Pattison, Mrs J Dixon, Mrs J Ford
Schools Direct Teacher - Miss A Curtis

Teaching Assistants: 

Mrs E Bainbridge, Mrs J Broom, Miss S Dillon (Apprentice), Mrs L Gayles, Mrs L Parker

year 3 and year 4 team 


Year 3 - Miss V Cox, Mrs J Welsh, Mrs A Nelson (Maternity Leave)
Year 4 - Mrs L Kenshole, Mrs S Telford, Mrs G Chambers, Mrs E Farrow, 
Schools Direct Teachers - Mr A Grant, Miss B Lycett

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs C Heron, Mrs A Johnson, Mrs L Riley, Mrs A Siddique

Year 5 and year 6 team 


Year 5 - Mr J Metcalf, Miss S Savage, Mrs A Laing (Maternity Leave)
Year 6 - Miss A Boyd, Mrs J Gibson, Mrs S Hirst
Schools Direct Teacher - Miss S Coates

Higher Level Teaching Assistant:

Mrs C Black (PE Specialist)

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs B Dunn, Miss E Deighton, Mrs C Lennie, Mrs L Riley



Inclusion Lead SENDCO - Mrs A Nelson (Maternity Leave)
Acting Inclusion Lead SENDCO - Mrs J Dixon
Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mr C Eeles
Teaching Assistants - Mrs L Ash, Miss W Duncan, Mrs H Patan
Home School Family Co-ordinator - Mrs J Graham, Deputy DSL

 Support Staff

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants:

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants - Mrs C Carr, Mrs M Dorrington, Mrs M Fenney, Mrs L McSeveney, Mrs S Neilson, Mrs N Richards, Mrs J Scruton, Mrs J Weston

Breakfast Club Supervisors:

Mrs M Dorrington, Mrs J Scruton

Catering Staff:

Catering Manager - Miss S Adams
Catering Assistants - Mrs M Begum, Mrs S Kwok-Jones, Ms T Webster


Mr M Allen

Admin Team 



Mrs E Campbell

HR Manager:

Mrs C Thirlway


Office Manager - Mrs C Thirlway
Finance Assistant - Mrs D Johnston
Admin Assistant L2 - Mrs J Thorp
Admin Assistant - Miss M Criddle