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Our People

At West Park Academy our focus is on developing a robust learning community. In this we support staff in their professional development.

  • We have high expectations for all of our staff.  We believe in support and challenge. Challenge to be the very best educators and support and encouragement to thrive.
  • Our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) model is based on research and what makes the difference to the children in our community.
  • Teachers are encouraged to undertake action research as part of their performance management.
  • Professionals are supported to continue their learning through Middle Leaders, Masters Courses and Leadership qualifications.
  • Staff are encouraged to work collaboratively, through learning walks, professional dialogue and training, to establish ways of working that ensure children make great progress both socially and academically.

Senior Leadership Team

 Mrs Hirst - Principal and Accounting Officer, Strategic Leader of the Academy, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Miss Parker - Deputy Principal, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mrs Hopper - Assistant Principal 
Mrs Nelson - Inclusion Lead SENDCO 
Mrs Campbell - Finance Manager




Nursery - Mrs Dixon
Reception - Mrs Harrison, Mrs Fenwick

Higher Level Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Clark

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Ash, Miss Cartwright, Mrs Holder, Mrs Scaife, Mrs Storey

Classroom Assistant:

Miss Diaper

Year 1 and year 2 Team


Year 1 - Mr Fraser, Miss Woodcock - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Year 2 - Mrs Tinkler, Mrs Dowson

Teaching Assistants: 

Mrs Broom, Miss Durham, Mrs Holder, Mrs Lennie, Mrs Parker

year 3 and year 4 team 


Year 3 - Mrs Trowles, Mrs Chambers, Mrs Farrow
Year 4 - Mrs Laing, Mrs Telford, Mrs Welsh, Mrs Carter-Metcalfe 

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Gayles, Mrs A Siddique

Classroom Support assistants:

Mrs Lally, Mrs Thompson, Miss Dresser

Year 5 and year 6 team 


Year 5 - Miss Deighton (Maternity) Miss Pattison, Mrs Atkins, Miss Coates 
Year 6 - Miss Parker, Mrs Hopper, Miss Kenshole

Higher Level Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Black (PE Specialist), Mrs Johnson (ELSA Lead)

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Heron, Mrs Young



Inclusion Lead SENDCO - Mrs Nelson
Deputy Inclusion Lead SENDCO - Mrs Dixon
Home School Family Co-ordinator - Mrs Conroy
Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mr Eeles
Teaching Assistant - Mrs Ash, Mrs Bainbridge
Classroom Assistants - Mrs McSeveney, Mrs Walker

 Support Staff

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants:

Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs Richards
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants - Miss Cason, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Kaur, Mrs Lally, Mrs McSeveney, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Scruton, Mrs Skinner, Ms Wake

Breakfast Club Supervisors:

Mrs Dorrington, Mrs Lally, Mrs Scruton, 

Catering Staff:

Catering Manager - Miss Adams
Catering Assistants - Mrs Kwok-Jones, Mrs Neilson, Ms Webster


Mr Allen, Mr Knox

Admin Team 



Mrs Campbell

HR Manager:

Mrs Thirlway


Office Manager - Mrs Thirlway
Finance & Admin Assistant - Miss Clark
Admin Assistant L3 - Mrs Thorp
Admin Assistant - Mrs Kwok-Jones