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PE Intent

At West Park Academy, we believe that PE and PE literacy can form the pathway to success across the whole curriculum. Not only can we teach children about how to improve their physical development but also how to promote their problem solving skills and develop their ability to self and peer assess through effective communication.

Here at West Park Academy, we believe that each child should be exposed to a wide range of sporting opportunities, both during school time and after, which give them the chance to find a passion or interest that they can develop throughout their lives. They are also given an opportunity within our curriculum to experience different traditions and cultures through the medium of Dance.

To ensure our children are always active, we are fully involved in the Active 30 incentive where the children are encouraged to engage in physical activity in and out of lessons throughout the day. This contributes to their overall personal health and well-being as well as enabling them to engage more during lessons.

West Park Academy pupils are taught about the importance of healthy lifestyles and how to take ownership and care of their own physical health which they will use and carry throughout their lives.