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School Council

At West Park Academy we have an active school council who represent the voice of all of our pupils. We have one or two representatives from each class in Year 1- 6 who meet regularly to express views and make decisions.

Representatives often hold a class council meeting prior to a school council meeting to gather views and ideas from their class. These are then shared at the school council and discussed accordingly. Sometimes council members take back a questionnaire so that information can be gathered and decisions can be made about what to do next.

We work democratically to decide who the school council members should be and children are voted for by their classmates. This takes place every September when we can apply for different jobs in school.

During some meetings we bring other children from our class. This is to ensure that everybody is able to have the opportunity to have a voice and be involved in the process of bringing about change. We believe all children have a right to have their say and as school council members we share the views we have agreed from class, not just our own.